Country Information

Passports & Visas

countryYou must ensure your passport is valid for a minimum of six months beyond the end of your holiday.

Visas are not required for most nationalities for visits less than 30 days. For details of visa requirements go to For longer duration holidays you should obtain a visa from the nearest Thai Consulate. Please contact your local consulate for advice on visa and passport requirements.

Customs & Immigration

On arrival in Thailand you will have to clear Immigration and Customs before leaving the airport or taking your onward connection. A landing card will be given to you on the plane, along with a Customs declaration form. Airlines will assume no liability for perishable articles, e.g. food, which may also be confiscated by Customs. One way charters are available on request and clients will need to check out of Thailand and clear customs, harbour and immigration again at an extra fee. For details of visa requirements for Malaysia go to


The currency is the Thai Baht. Cash and Travellers Cheques can be changed at banks, exchange shops and airports. Major credit cards are generally only accepted in the larger towns, resorts and restaurants.


Thai is the national language with English being widely spoken.


Thailand is 7 hours ahead of GMT.


There are two seasons in Thailand. The North East Monsoon, which is the drier season, runs from November to April. The weather is consistently sunny and dry with wind speeds of Force 2-5. Temperatures are generally in the region of 30 centigrade. The South West Monsoon, which is the wet season, runs from May to October. Rainy periods, which normally last approximately an hour and a half, may be experienced at this time generally in the late afternoon or early evening. Winds of Force 2-6 are normal with some squalls. A lightweight waterproof jacket is advisable for protection from any rain showers.

Cost of living

Prices vary from restaurant to restaurant, however the following is a guide for your reference. A bottle of wine costs about 700 baht in a supermarket and at least twice that in a restaurant. A bottle of beer costs about 35 to 45 baht in a supermarket and from 70 baht up to 150 baht in a restaurant. Good quality Thai food can cost as little as 200 baht per person in a local restaurant where a meal in a resort can cost anything from 1000 baht per person and more.

Sharks and other marine animals

There are sharks around the cruising area but most of them have no teeth. Leopard sharks feed on shellfish and whale sharks although very large eat only plankton. They are not a threat to sailors or swimmers. There are several species of jellyfish in these waters and there have been two instances where clients who have been stung by jellyfish have required hospital treatment. Both incidents were attributed to a severe allergic reaction to the sting therefore any clients with strong allergies are advised to wear stinger suits or refrain from swimming.Stinger suits are available for purchase at the base.


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